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miércoles, 21 de diciembre de 2011

#OrgulloFreaky (#Proud of been Freaky)2

The story goes like this: Samsung Argentina had decided to advertise some new thing to play music with the best of their brilliant ideas: to compare the people who is funny with the people who is not funny. And they had started with the computer freakys with this adds:

 This says: if your hottest night was when your Pc processor burnt

This guy and after that, samsung is not for you. And ask you to send funny pictures in order to win a thing to play music. 

But this is not the end of the story, after that they added in the oficial Facebook of Samsung Argentina this:

Which says: if your idea of funny is collect lead soldiers... the new samsung Audio MINI is not for you! Show how funny are you in our app and win one of this.

This turn us (Ale, Berto, Manimal, me) very ungry because it shows a joke on us. I am all the time trying to show how funny is to play, to paint, to gather with friends to play miniature games, magic, role game. And this shows us as dumb guys, boring guys, bored guys. I am pretty upset with that. Appart from that they have also done the same with the computer guys, the idea is stigmatise the weird guys, the computer guys, the intelectual guys, the lead soldier guys, oposing the funny, common people. 

We have answered by Twitter and FB Samsung company in order to show them how wrong they are.
The twitter of Samsung Argentina is pretty simple: @Samsungarg, mine is also simple @Bernohn, and the Hashtag is: #Orgullofreaky (which means proud of been freaky).
If you want to let Samsung Argentina a message about it there you have their post or their wall.


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