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martes, 14 de enero de 2014

Morats Everywhere (starter morat analysis)

Well, a few days (almost two weeks longer) ago, the Morat Starter had seen light. It was supposed to come with 3 vanguards a Sogarath (with what weapon?), a Daturazzi and an Oznat.

This was the image of the starter, now I see it was not a Daturazi that ...

First surprise it was not a Daturazi but rather it came Ratorak, one of the new heroes that came out in the paradiso campaign for the morat sectorial. But not only one but two surprises: the Sogarath was armed with the Feurbach and comes with a sublime pose. Since these things always come in threes, the sogarath comes with a base of 40 mm, so I'll have base my dear old sogarath again.


About the miniatures, we had already seen advances in what was the convention last year that the guys from belli Corbus went to USA (GenCon?), It was known that they were about to redesign the faces, much more brutal in body shape, much more apelike. And we knew that the starter would come with a Sogarath, an Oznat, three vanguards and a Daturazi (I have seen that there was no Daturazi, it was my idea).

Let's get straight to the point the miniatures, first the vanguards:

The first is that we should compare these morats with the old ones, let's see if internet has everything it should have ...

Well the first thing you notice is that the miniatures are more violent and more realistic than before (probably due to painting), these new miniatures have much larger weapons and its body seems thicker. Now they have backpacks, which is fine, because soldiers go with backpacks where they have their favorite books, and the eyes are now smaller (or at least it seems to me). I like them, but I like a lot also the old miniatures. I have to think about whether I will modify one of these to make the misile launchers or not. And the face, god, the face has much better detail, I will turn into moncholo trying to paint those eyes.

We will follow this analysis directly with pretty Oznat:

The Oznat comes with a combi rifle, a smoke grenade launcher (with no SWP cost) and CC shock weapon. Well, I love the CC shock weapon, a kind of machete with a tip to hang from a branch and think if what you really want is to eat meat or vegetables. On the other hand the combi rifle with grenade launcher is fine. It is the first grenade launcher that looks at the combined army (if I remember). The Oznat helmet is very cute and her hair reminds me (well) the Zerat hacker. I do not like the stone that comes by default in the base, but is at least good (the miniature has a look as Legolas down the stairs in the abyss of the  Orc Helm). In short, I like it, its ideal to proxy some Zerat when I am using many (Bernohn Note: take a look at the drawing in the back of this miniature).

On with the other character that appeared in the starter: Ratorak.

Weapons: heavy flamethrower plus combi rifle, pistol and knife. The flamethrower is really wellcome, because surely then it will appear the Zerat with flamethrower that had not yet emerged. The miniature is fine, is painted much like the Morat Vanguard, making it more difficult to recogniza them at all. For my taste I would have put other colors. The miniature is very interesting for the army, particularly the toy that has wich throws fire to spray and pray. The detail of the gem on his arm that does not carries the weapon is very good.


Well, I liked the old Sogarath, but this new miniature seems brutal. The pose is very good. The tiny beast does look as an HI, and the colors of the weapon are really good. I'm not so happy with the colors of miniature because they are much more realistic and less fantastic (as the whole starter set). But the level of painting is great. The Feuerbach is very shocking, now we have to prove it against the TAGs (the main objective of this weapon). The base is the only thing that leaves a bitter taste in the mouth, because I'm going to have to base again the old sogarath, and this is going to be a pain in the...
Today in the forum Palanka has said that we wont have to rebase the old sogarath, so this news are really good.

Last images of the starter as a whole:

All images were taken from the Studio Giraldez blog.


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